As a “teacher mom”, early childhood education is very important to me. I always wanted my child to have that strong foundation, at the right time, to set her up for success. I believe an early start is what one needs. And I have seen it work wonderfully in action, not just on mine but also on children with moms like me. It’s a belief, it’s a choice, it’s the actions …which are worth making, well… most of the times !

My 3 and a half year old is capable of having fun, meaningful conversations with me about anything and everything. I see her developing an IQ as well as an EQ. That balance of Early Childhood Care and Education is very important to me. That’s why I chose to be an Early Childhood Educator. I learnt how my personal beliefs as a hands-on mom can be so very critical in getting my child ready and curious to learn at school. And that appetite for learning is what any teacher would love for her students to have so that it can be built upon.

Mom on the job: As a mom, I want nothing but the best destinations on my child’s itinerary for life. But wanting that isn’t enough! I also need to make sure that my child is well prepared and well equipped to take on that journey filled with ups and downs.

Teacher on the job: And as a teacher, I want my students to meet their learning objectives as per my lesson plans. But just wanting that isn’t enough! I need to plan out an exciting journey in the most healthiest, safest and adventurous ways possible in order to achieve age appropriate learning milestones.

Double Shift on the job : As a mom, a lot of my personal “needs” might endlessly stay at the back seat while my child is engaged and exploring the world of education, at all times… at home and at school. And as a teacher, a lot of my professional “wants” might get endlessly overlooked when in reality, most of those wants are what I need to succeed as a teacher.

Complicated yet mostly true for teacher moms. And what I, as a teacher mom, would really want is for moms and teachers to work in true partnership to make this magical learning journey a true success. How? When? More in the next…